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Greysa M. Cerpa-Lopez

Certified Ayurveda and Holistic Nutrition Counselor

Certified Yoga Instructor

Hello, I am Greysa, the face behind Digestive Bliss!

Digestive Bliss is a project that grew from my heart as an effort to coach others to live a blissful life. My passion is to educate on the healing powers of food and the many health benefits that an Ayurvedic lifestyle offers, especially for those suffering from chronic diseases.


As a Crohn's disease patient, I looked for years different ways to managed symptoms caused by this unpleasant condition. I knew that the answer resided in nature, but was not sure exactly where to look. In 2007 I started doing yoga, and in the process, my eating habits also changed, experiencing greatest changes in my health. This new lifestyle opened my mind to a different world of higher consciousness, awareness and love. This new path led me to discover the "science of life"- Ayurveda.


Through Ayurveda, I have learned the healing and restorative power of our bodies by respecting its cycles, adaptations and by carefully listening to it. I have also learned to live more in harmony with nature and to understand that a healthy life consists on the union of the mind, body and soul coexisting in balance.


Today I am in great health with the help of holistic practices and of my lovely Doctors who understand and support this journey. I am ready to share this knowledge with you and guide you into a life of perpetual wellness. 


Believe in YOU, live in tune with nature!

Strive to live in balance everyday!!


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