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Community and Corporate Workshops:

- Health and Wellness
- Stress Management
- Yoga and breathing

Ayurvedic Health and Wellness Evaluation:

Determine unique client constitution based on a detailed evaluation and analysis of current eating habits, emotional wellness and daily routine. 

Personalized nutritional and lifestyle counseling is offered in addition to recommendations on subtle therapies, yoga and breathing exercises to practice at home.

IBD Management Program:

Four (4) phase holistic program to help manage symptoms caused by IBD using holistic tools.

Client and Coach meet on a bi-weekly basis. 

Program duration- approximate 2-3 months (Depending on the progress of the client). 


Private Yoga Sessions:

1. One on one yoga sessions.

2. Personalized yoga sequence to practice anytime, anywhere!!! 

This offer includes:

  • Health evaluation

  • Yoga sequence designed uniquely for you, based on your needs and imbalances.  

  • 3 One on one session(s) to master the sequence.

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