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For the health of the digestive system

This is a routine that after much research and trial/error has helped me keep the health of my digestive system in balance and any flare up out of the map.

Daily routine:


  1. Prayer of gratitude!

2. Stretch and deep breathing before getting out of bed (Im guilty for not hitting the mat in the mornings when I need to go to the office).

3. Drink 6 oz of water at ambient temperature + 2 oz of aloe vera + 15 drops of oregano oil on empty stomach.

a.Water- we know how good water is for us! Infinite benefits include better bowel movements.

b. Aloe vera- high in antioxidants, helps regulate bowel movements, antibiotic, antiviral, antiseptic- helps heal the tissue of the digestive tract.

c. Oregano oil- antibiotic, can keep my system balanced in terms of bacteria. 4. Set an intention for the day while taking a hot shower to warm up the muscles and activate circulation! PM

  1. Conscious eating

a. I like to include cooked veggies with all my meals (including breakfast)- Raw veggies are great because of the highest source of vitamins and minerals, but for those of us with more challenging systems, cooked veggies are better/easily digested than raw veggies. b. Low sugar fruits as snack (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, kiwi)- I need to keep my sugar consumption low to prevent reduction/elimination of the good bacteria in my gut and keep inflammation away. c. I avoid red meat, pork, raw food, fried food, processed food, and fast food, added sugars- All these foods are difficult to digest and doesn’t support the health of my digestive system. These can also cause inflammation and consequently, a flare up. d. Always think about how my meals will benefit my system. The least ingredients, the better. 2. Move a. Take a walk outside at least once/day to connect with nature and breathe fresh air. b. Stand up from my desk every hour. c. Yoga or some other type of exercise or sports. 3. Choose my battles a. I stay away from what I cannot control and what is not mine. b. Let go, let go, let go---probably the hardest, but with much practice you get there! 4. Choose my thoughts a. Always choose positive thoughts. If a negative thought comes to my mind, I recognize it and replace it with a positive memory or play some good music!

5. Avoid toxic conversations and toxic people!

6. Connect with my tribe.

7. Meditation/Pray

8. Read and learn something new.

9. Do at least one thing I love.

10. Drink 8 oz of water with 2 capsules of licorice root- this is my "magic trick", licorice is the king of roots to heal the tissue of the digestive tract.

11. Sleep 8-10 hours!- Sleep is super important for cell regeneration and organ cleansing.

Monthly: 1. One day of fasting- Only water and/or herbal tea (no caffeine). – It is important to give a break to the digestive system from all the load we put in every day.


  1. Go to a spiritual retreat in total seclusion for at least one week.

  2. Travel as much as I can.

I have found that with this routine I achieve balance, joy and peace. Establishing a new routine doesn’t happen from one day to the next, but it is possible with consistency and persistence. Yes, I have some days during the year in which I do some kind of “damage” both with the eating and the spiritual/mental practices. But the important thing is to be aware and recognize when I am exceeding the limit or about to exceed it. This is when listening to your body comes into play. When you are properly connected to your body, you can listen to its signals and know what to do to get you back on track! Hope this could be of benefit!!!! ֍ Greysa Cerpa-Lopez Digestive Bliss-Founder


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