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Seven (7) keys for a happier and healthier life!

1. Love yourself first. The day has 24 hours so….

· Sleep for at least 8 hours.

· Eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, roots, cereals and grains.

· Drink more water.

· Move in any form- walk, run, do yoga, ride your bike, stretch, etc…

· Do something productive that challenges yourself and from which you can learn (maybe from work).

· Separate at least 30 minutes to be with yourself: read, breathe fresh air, pray/meditate, be in silence or just do nothing!

2. Wake up every day counting your blessings and being grateful for what you have!

· When you start focusing on how much life has given you, your perspective changes, your brain rewires, your mindset starts to shift, and consequently you start attracting and finding more blessings and happiness in life.

3. Always look at the bright side of every situation.

· It is through darkness that we can find light.

· Hardships in life are steps that push us up to a higher level of spiritual and mental maturity, making us better persons.

4. Forgive often- forgive yourself, forgive others- set yourself free!

· Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts that Jesus granted us. It sets us free and allows us to create space for love and other blessings in our lives.

· Work with a therapist to resolve any emotional or mental trauma. A therapist can help release stuck emotions and memories from not so pleasant situations from the past that may have created toxic behaviors, habits, or negative perspectives of what life could be.

5. Choose your battles!

· Sometimes we choose battles that are not ours or that we do not have control over- so, why bother?

6. Surround yourself with positive and genuine people that can bring you peace.

· Stay away or set boundaries with toxic people who drain your energy and bring your mood down.

· Find people who can build you up and cherish you!

7. Share love and grace.

· The more love you share, the more love you receive. Be genuine in wanting to share your love by spending quality time with your loved ones, being kind with others or helping those in need.

· Work the extra mile to be kinder, genuine, compassionate, patient.

· Smile more!!!

· God lives in all of us, yes, ALL OF US, so our job is to find Him in the heart of others!

Greysa Cerpa-Lopez

Digestive Bliss-Founder


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