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"Detaching" through Yoga

I have been a Crohn's disease patient for 12 years now. Fortunately, for the past 6 years I have been in complete remission from the disease and free of medication! Since I was diagnosed, I strived to look for the root cause of my disease additionally to the traditional elimination of potential food triggers. I knew there was something more to it, causative factors of subtle nature. I changed many things in my diet, learned the beautiful and effective science of Ayurveda, modified my lifestyle, changed jobs and learned how to manage stress. These modifications in my life, helped me recover my physical strength and somehow the mental strength. I learned to listen to my body, understood that I needed to choose “my battles”, specially at work, and to let out of control.

Even when all these changes helped control the symptoms, something else was there to do. There were inner struggles that could still trigger a flare up of the condition. These inner struggles were nothing but "attachments" that kept my system under subconscious anxiety and stress, triggering inflammation of my most vulnerable organ (small bowel). At that point, I decided to deepen my yoga practice by studying and researching more about this philosophy that extends beyond the asanas. Yoga led me to meditation and Vedanta, and these tools taught me more about mind control, the strong relationship between body, mind and soul, and how disease could develop if one is out of balance. The daily practice of yoga and meditation helped me find peace and to closely observe my thoughts, along with paying attention to what the body is saying.

In the past, attachments grew roots inside me, and were affecting the way I was living and seeing life, causing brain fog, emotional distress, and consequently, flare ups. Yoga and meditation taught me to not attach to many things and to detach faster from the things I can’t still control to grow deep in me. Although, attachments will always exist in our lives, it is important to learn to recognize and to let them go. Detaching from things, people, relationships, etc is not an easy task, but a daily practice of meaningful yoga and meditation can help you find freedom and achieve optimum health. Detaching sets you free, freedom brings you happiness, and yoga and meditation are powerful tools of healing and liberation.


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